The Dirty Beggars – Whiskey in my Whiskey

This is a cover, by some friends of mine, of a bluegrass song about whiskey and heartache. The Dirty Beggars are a fantastic 5-piece from Glasgow who play¬†foot-stompin’ country tunes and excellent covers. This one was originally by the Felice Brothers, but I have to say, I prefer the Beggars’ cover.


Frank Turner – Another Round

I’ve been going to see Frank Turner live now for something like 8 years and I still love everything that he does (well, almost… I’ll never forgive him for the Thunder Road cover). I even have some of his album art tattooed on my arm.

This song’s about drinking because, here at Hey Citrus!, we’re nothing if not consistent.

Dillinger Four – Doublewhiskeycokenoice

This is a song for going out on Saturday night. Not, however, if you spend your weekends stood on the opposite side of the bar making sure everyone else has a great night. It’s still a perfect drinking song, though, and it reminds me of house parties from my teenage years. Yeah, it might be Sunday today and you might be relaxing, but you can always chug a beer or two for old time’s sake.

Pure Love – Handsome Devil’s Club

It’s Monday morning (for me) and I’ll be back behind the bar in just under two hours. Here’s a song by a band who have, unfortunately, just completed their last tour. Frank Carter, formerly of Gallows, teamed up with Jim Carroll from The Hope Conspiracy to make melodic pop-rock. This was the first single and you can definitely hear The Smith’s influence sneaking in there at the start. Enjoy your Monday and remember, it’s only 5 days until the weekend.