The daiquiri is one of the simplest drinks I know how to make, needing only three ingredients, yet it is capable of being one of the best cocktails you’ll ever drink if you get the balance, and the ingredients, correct. I was recently lucky enough to try a few different daiquiris, all expertly made, where the only difference was the rum used in each (if you ever get the chance, try a daiquiri using St Nicholas Abbey White Rum!). Due to the huge choice of rums out there, and the different character each will bring, this this is a drink you can never get tired of trying again and again.




Glass: Martini or Coupe
Method: Boston Shake
Ice: None
Garnish: Lime Wheel

50ml Chairman’s Reserve Rum
25ml Lime Juice
25ml Gomme (sugar syrup)


– Double strain into chilled glass.
– Garnish & serve.


There are almost infinite variations to the basic daiquiri template, from adding strawberry, banana, mango or almost any other fruits, to making batches of frozen daiquiris for summer garden parties.




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